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Membership Information Update

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Check your membership!

Copy and paste the following address - 

to access Basketball Australia's membership portal.

You can access a range of useful information as well as update your contact details.  The membership portal includes includes the following:

  • Home - view your details

  • Edit Profile - update your general contacts details

  • History - view your membership due date and membership history

  • Transactions - see if you have any unpaid transactions

  • Permissions - opt ins, terms and conditions plus newsletters

  • Statistics - representative players can view their playing history here.

  • Account Settings - upate your email address here

Membership Must Be Current

Players who are not registered are not eligible to take the court in any games.  It is essential that all existing members are aware of their membership expiry date.  Please complete an online membership form and complete payment before your next game.

Maitland Basketball recently emailed all players with expired memberships.  Each month we will email all members with memberships that end in the following month.

14 Day Free Membership

If you are a brand new player, registering for the first time, you are eleigible for a free 14 day pass, which will allow you to participate in games without paying any membership up front.  This offer is available once only, and is only for players who have never been registered with a BNSW association.

Please speak to a staff member if you require assistance with your membership renewal or to enquire about a free 14 day membership.


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