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Here you will find a brief overview of the season schedule and time commitment involved in being a member of the Maitland Mustangs Junior Representative Basketball program. The Maitland Mustangs compete in Basketball NSW run Spalding Waratah Junior Leagues, plus a range of preseason events.

More detailed information about the program, including costs, will be released as soon as possible. As a guide only, fees for the 2023 season were set at $750, 2024 fees are anticipated to be similar.

There is a significant commitment involved, and our club works hard to offer the best opportunities for members of our program, and to help players reach their goals.  We have an extremely dedicated and knowledgeable team of volunteers across the Mustangs Rep Committee and Program Coaching Staff.

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November - December

Trials and Team Selections

December - February


March - August

Regular Season, Finals/State Championship and State Cup

Selection Criteria

Players will be compared across the following criteria:


  • Outstanding potential to compete at a higher level (Competitiveness and Performance at trials + Effort);

  • Athletic ability e.g. speed, height, quick hands, and strength (Athletic Ability);

  • Demonstrated attitude to become an exceptional basketball player (Attitude and Behaviour);

  • Be highly receptive to coaching (Listen and Learn);

  • Potential to be socially compatible and demonstrate an ability to perform within a team environment (Team Player);

  • Desire and commitment to working hard at improving mental, physical, and basketball skills


Subjectivity is an unavoidable element of selection.

This means that the selectors will make judgments about selections based on a combination of these criteria, in consideration of the overall balance and makeup of the team/program.

Our club selects up to 2 teams in each age group:

Division 1 team–10 players

Division 2 team –10 players

Development Players – Each age group head coach may also offer a Development Player Position to up to 2 players.  These players would be a reserve for the Division 2 teams and are invited to ALL team events and practice sessions. Development Players participate with a discounted levy, and, if they agree to accept the position, are expected to attend a minimum of 1 practice session with the team/age group every week. Development players would also be expected to join the Mustangs Stable Program, where they will get further opportunities to improve their skills and will also have a chance to play in games as a member of that squad.

Mustangs Stable – In 2023 the Mustangs Stable skills program will be available for all Division 2 and non-representative players. Full program details will be released before the holiday break.

Eligibility for Selection

Athletes must be currently registered members of BNSW AND Maitland Basketball.

There should be no outstanding monies between the player and MBA or the player should be on a payment plan, with payment made on agreed dates.

Players must register for the trials and pay the appropriate trial fee.

Players must attend the trial day (unless granted permission to not attend –see Special Consideration).

All selected players MUST participate in the 2023 Domestic competition to be eligible to continue representing Maitland basketball.

Permission to Trial

Players are eligible for trial for other associations under BNSW guidelines.

If you have played for Maitland or any other association in 2020, you are required to complete a permission to trial form to be eligible for selection in either program. Here is the link to the form -

Special considerations will not be granted to players to attend other trials. Newcastle has the same selection policy in this regard. This means, that if the time of the trials clashes with another association, the player must decide before the trials which association they wish to trial for.

Trials Attendance

It is an expectation that all athletes attend all trials if aiming for selection.

Injured players are expected to attend trials. Players experiencing cold/flu-like symptoms, or those required to self-isolate under NSW Health COVID-19 guidelines must not, under any circumstances, attend trials, but should instead submit a special consideration.

Special Consideration

If you wish to trial for the Maitland Mustangs Representative Program but are unable to participate in any or all trials, or if your participation is limited, you are required to submit a Special Consideration (SC) request.

Your email should include:

  • A brief description of the reason for requestion SC;

  • Any medical information / supporting documentation that supports your SC

  • If you are new to the Mustangs representative program, the name of a coach or suitable person we can contact to gauge your skill/experience relative to other players trialing.


This SC will be passed on to the rep committee and age group head coach for their consideration.

2024 Maitland Mustangs Junior Representative Player Lists

2024 Maitland Mustangs Junior Representative Player Lists

Congratulations to the following players who have been selected for the 2024 Maitland Mustangs Junior Representative teams!

MBA FB Post-20-MBA_Rep Skills Day_Website.png
Rep Skills Day


20th December

Only Open to Rep and Development Players:


U12’s & 14’s 9am-12pm

U16’s & U18’s 1pm-4pm

Focusing on the Super 6 Skills: Ball Handling, Shooting, Passing, Footwork, Decision Making, and 1 on 1 Defence

$45 per player

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