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Mustang Stable: Individual, Small Group, & Team Workouts

Maitland Mustangs are giving our up-and-coming members of Maitland Basketball the opportunity to work with 3 of our Development Coaches and High-Performance Athletes. 

The program will be led by Hannah Griffin, Lachlan Beavis and Shak Reilly.

This program will allow players to communicate directly with their selected coach and gain feedback to improve and work on areas in their game, focusing on fundamental skills both offensive and defensive.

Teams from our domestic competitions can also book a number of sessions with a coach to help build your skills as well as your teamwork to improve your team performance.


Program begins at the start of the School Holidays (28th September 2020) and will run throughout all of Term 4.  Contact a coach to work out a time that suits you.

Session Pricing

  • Individual - $40/hr

  • Small Group (2-3 people) - $60/hr

  • Team - $80/hr

Bulk Discounts - Individual, Small Group & Team Sessions

If you wish to book a number of sessions in advance, we are providing a “Bulk Discount” which will vary depending on the number of weeks you wish to choose:

  • 5 sessions – 12.5% discount

  • 10 sessions – 25% discount

Booking Details

To book your sessions, please contact one of our program coaches:

  1. Hannah Griffin – 0422 584 285

  2. Lachlan Beavis – 0498 637 554

  3. Shak Reilly – 0419 173 870

  4. Or email


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