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2022 Mustangs Rep Teams Announced!

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Congratulations to all the 2022 Mustangs!

2022 Mustangs Junior Rep Teams:

U12 Women Div 1

Frankie Boyle

Faith Clarke

Keeley Darr

Jade Davis

Tayah Gosden

Nevaya Liva

Sienna Proctor

Florence Smith

Heather Thorn

Lola Vizer

Isla Wawszkowicz

Graciela Graham (Development Player)

Jessica Payne (Development Player)

Sophia Tansu (Development Player)

U12 Men Div 1

U12 Men Div 2

U14 Women Div 1

U14 Women Div 2

U14 Men Div 1

U14 Men Div 2

U14 Men Div 3

U16 Women Div 1

U16 Women Div 2

U16 Men Div 1

U16 Men Div 2

U16 Men Div 3

U18 Women

U18 Men Div 1

U18 Men Div 2


2022 Mustangs Youth League Squads:

Youth League Men Div 1

James Beavis

Jay Cole

Connor Edwards

Ky Faber

Riley Markovich

Ben Matthews

Mason McDougall

Matt McGann

Jesse Parker

Billy Parsons

Ashton Proctor

Yves Shema

Isaac Testoni

Dan Welbourne

Will Mortimore* (Development Player)

Squad will train through January, final team of 10 will be selected in February, remaining players will be selected in Div 2 team

Youth League Men Div 2

U20s Team

Youth Women squad to be announced late January


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