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COVID-19 Conditions of Entry - Stage 2 – 80%

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

As we welcome our community back to Maitland Federation Centre this weekend, we ask that all people attending our facility are aware of and abide by the following CovidSafe conditions of entry, under the NSW Health roadmap for easing restrictions -


  • During stage 2, casual shootaround at the facility is available by request. Please call the stadium on 02 91544310- to check availability.

  • For basketball and futsal competitions, there is a limit of 2 spectators per participant.

  • If you are sick or have flu like symptoms, please do not attend the facility under any circumstances. Get tested immediately and follow any directions give to you by NSW Health.

  • If you have visited a Covid-19 Hotspot in the previous 14 days, please stay home and follow government directions. Please do not attend the stadium.

  • Please depart the facility promptly at the conclusion of your game or session.

Reconsider your attendance at any activity if you are considered a vulnerable person


  • The NSW Public Health Order requires that any person aged 16 years or older must be vaccinated to enter the facility.

  • You must be able to provide evidence of COVID-19 vaccination at the CovidSafe check in desk upon arrival at the facility.

  • Children aged 15 and under are not required to be vaccinated, however any parent/carer who accompanies them to the facility are subject to the PHO requirement to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

  • Any person who has a medical exemption from the COVID19 must present evidence of exemption at the CovidSafe check in.

For further information about proof of COVID-19 vaccination visit:


  • All people who attend our facility are required under the Public Health Order to sign in digitally using the Service NSW App.

  • If you are unable to sign in yourself, please speak to a member of staff for assistance

  • Please show your “Green Tick” to a staff member once you have signed in.


  • Hand sanitizer is provided at the stadium point of entry and on all score tables – please sanitise hands regularly.

  • Players are not to share equipment, including basketballs, sweat towels and drink bottles.


  • To comply with the public health order concerning face coverings masks are now mandatory for anyone attending the stadium.

  • Masks must be worn when entering and exiting the facility and whilst you are not engaging in strenuous activity. Players will not be required to wear a mask during their session. Children under the age of 12 are exempt from wearing face masks.


  • If you cannot wear a face mask because of a disability, physical or mental health illness or condition, you must carry either:

o a medical certificate or letter signed by a registered health practitioner (such as a doctor) or a registered NDIS provider or

o a statutory declaration.

  • If you are stopped by a regulatory officer in a setting where masks are mandatory, they will ask you to confirm the lawful reason you are not wearing a face mask.

  • In other circumstances, if you are eating or drinking, or there is an emergency, you will not be expected to continue wearing a mask


  • For all activities taking place at indoor recreation facilities, gyms and COVID-safe outdoor community sport activities a face mask must be worn.

  • With the exception of gym classes and dance classes (where masks must be worn for the duration of the activity), the following principles apply:

o Everyone is required to wear a mask upon arrival to the facility/activity (including training and games).

o Participants and referees/umpires are able to remove their masks when they commence warming up for the activity.

o Everyone else (coaches, managers, team doctors, score table officials and spectators etc) has to keep their masks on at all times.

  • Following the completion of the match, players and referees need to put their masks back on as soon as possible prior to leaving the venue.


A mask must be worn as directed by current health orders. This is a legal requirement and is also a policy of the MBA Board. This should be reflected within our COVID Safe Plan.

If a staff person or a member in a working even in a volunteer capacity and has an exemption from mask wearing MBA must make adjustment to mitigate the risk and ensure the public / member safety as we are required by law. Given the complex nature of the spread of infectious diseases like COVID 19 the Board has decided that best approach is to stay within Public Heath Orders.

As a result, if a staff member is not going to wear a mask (when required by a Public Health Order), then the risk is too high, and they must not work in that role. MBA will do all that is possible to arrange alternative duties if genuine work is available.


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