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Thank You Mark!

Maitland Basketball would like to pass on our thanks to Mark Wawszkowicz, who this week notified that he is stepping down as a Board member. 

Mark has been a director of Maitland Basketball for 4 years and has made a fantastic contribution as Finance Director, in particular helping to ensure the financial stability of the club throughout the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Mark has made this decision to prioritise a better work life balance, commenting that:

"I've been a Mustang since I was 8, and will continue until I'm 88!  When I took on these roles four years ago, my kids were much younger and less active, my career and Krista's career were much simpler, and we didn't have a dog! We are now so busy, I need to cut back to fit in. I look forward to continuing coaching junior rep in 2021 and beyond. A huge thank you to Krista and the kids for allowing me to split priorities for so long."

Maitland Basketball's Development Manager, Trevor Gallacher has thanked Mark for his dedicated contribution:

"Mark's will certainly big shoes to fill. We are sorry to see him step down from this role, but at the same time are glad to know he will still be connected to our club through his coaching and as a parent in our Mustangs Representative program."

In other board news, Maitland Basketball will soon make an announcement regarding the 2019 AGM, which was postponed earlier in the year due to the coronavirus pandemic.


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